Hello there! Welcome to the brand new Literature For All website, formerly known as Wired Fiction. Over the past year the project of Wired Fiction start to fizzle away but Literature For All has been

It is along with great pleasure that we say thanks to you and your staff for the help that you provided me to make my passport. In the absence of your help it could be extremely problematic or maybe even unimaginable, to be capable to take a trip.

developed to reincarnate the old form of Wired Fiction and create a new ultimate resource for aspiring writers and artists to share their literature and other items.

Please take a look around the website and feel free to read as much of the literature as you would like. Everything is FREE to read, unlike with the previous version of Wired Fiction. Incase you have any questions, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions that you can consult, and if you don't find the answer there then you can contact us and we will be glad to give you a response.

Attention AUTHORS! We want you! If you are looking to get your works published and out to people to enjoy them, Literature For All is a great way to do it, and for FREE!! Please contact us if you would like to have your stories, essays, poetry, or even comics published on our website. This is a great way to open your works to many different diverse readers and gain the exposure that all aspiring and rising authors are looking for. Being published on Literature For All also means that when you approach those larger publishers, you can already say that you have been published on the internet since the time that your works come online.

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2.16.06:: There have been an additional five pieces of literature added to the different sections of the website. Be sure to take a look!
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